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Trainers are a vital piece of equipment for runners. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to recycle with their current design. Please use this template to email you chosen brand and ask them what they are doing to reduce the waste they cause. (You can find contacts though social media and the brands website - we are happy to help if you are having trouble.)


I hope you are well and your runs are full of joy.

I am writing to you as a runner who regularly uses your products and asking you to consider making changes that will benefit us all.

I have recently become aware of the excess waste that sports gear and equipment, including trainers produces.

As runners we are educated that trainers should be changed every 300 - 400 miles. For me that means that I would be buying new trainers …. times a year.

I have found it very difficult to find somewhere I can be sure recycles trainers responsibly. I think it should be the responsibility of the manufacturer of the product to have a plan for the afterlife of these trainers due to the volumes that are made and the fact that they take 100s of years to decompose.

Could you please reassure me that profits made by your company are being put into solutions for this catastrophic waste problem?

You simply cannot continue to manufacture shoes in the volume that you do with having a plan for afterlife and claim any sustainability points without addressing this problem. It should not be on the shoulders of us.

Thank you for your time and look forward to your response,


Currently at ReRun 70% of donations are race T shirts and many of these are unworn. Together, we can change that.
Please feel free to copy and paste the below letter (make changes if you would like to) and email it to your favourite Race events.
Dear Race Name

I hope you are well and your runs are full of joy.

I am writing to you, as a runner and participant in your race asking you to consider making changes that could benefit us all.

I have recently become aware of the excess waste we produce as runners. Single use plastic, such as bottles, cups etc in organised races are being addressed and this is great.

One somewhat forgotten use of plastic however , is that used in polyester clothing. A normal polyester t-shirt is equivalent to around 12 plastic bottles. Throw away or fast fashion clothing is a real problem in our world today. With an estimated 300,000 garments going to landfill each year in the UK. 

Simply put there is far too much clothing for what is needed. 

As a responsible race organiser I am asking you to consider either 

A. Eliminating the finishers T-Shirt from your race package.
B. Giving runners the option to decline one when they enter the race. Please take a look at www.treesnottees.com who can help with this.

A really simple act such as this could start to eradicate a huge amount of textile waste and plastic pollution from our running community.

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day
Your name