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Up Cycled Mash Up Tee Size M
Up Cycled Mash Up Tee Size M

Up Cycled Mash Up Tee Size M

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These Mash Ups are our statement t-shirts and part of our REvolution RANGE .Over a third of our donations are old (and sometimes new!) race tees. Each year in the U.K. 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill. Polyester IS plastic so let’s make sure these t shirts don’t become ‘Single use plastic’

When you buy this T-Shirt you also have the opportunity to Revolve your wardrobe, over 100 billion items of clothing are made every year. With the REvolution range you can at anytime swap your T-Shirt or vest for another in the collection. It's just like buying a new bit of clothing ! Without having to make one! Get in touch with us via email tell us which new top you would like and we will send it out to you once we receive the previous one back. 

So if you have changed size,

Fancy a different colour,

Want a vest to get those guns out instead of short sleeves,

Or you're previous top has been damaged 

Get into the REvolution.