Have a think about it !

Whilst doing some research today, basically watching a view Ted talks during a planking and press up session , I was shocked by one fact I heard. It was something like in 2015 we produced around 55 million tonnes of polyester and cotton to be made into clothes. The same year we sent 50 million tonnes to landfill that’s mental ! I bet the figures for plastic supermarket bags aren’t too different. Basically we are throwing away as much as we make. 

The majority of the clothes we are donated at ReRun are finishers T-Shirts , probably about 60-70 %. For us they are the plastic bags or food packaging of the running world. A lot of the time without even being asked we are given a brand new t-shirt that we really don’t need, we have enough already! If Runners really want a top and feel like they need one in their wardrobe then why can’t they buy one after the race ? Then at least maybe we could pay a bit more for a more environmentally friendly or quality t-shirt that will last for years on our body rather than clogging up landfill.

Its quite easy just to accept that this is the norm, this it what happens, we run a race and then get a t-shirt, maybe we wear it once or twice, then it hangs around in our wardrobe before eventually ending up in landfill. 

Only with awareness can we start to try and make a difference. That T-Shirt we have been given is most often polyester based. It’s been made, if I break it down very simply by extracting oil or gas from the ground, most often than not through the process of fracking ! The gas and oil is then, there is a very scientific explanation for this, that I’m not going into, but basically is then turned into a poly something or other, PET, which is basically plastic, the same material you get in water bottles. Yes the dreaded water bottles that are choking are seas and we are encouraged all the time to not buy and replace for a reusable solution. We all now have an awareness of this and amazingly are starting to embrace it. But our t-shirts are  exactly the same. They clog up our oceans, probably in a micro plastic worse way, they are the same as any other single use plastic. 

I don’t know what the eventual answer is, we all like to take a memento from a hard race and also let people know that we completed it. But our memento has to be a better than a piece of single use plastic, fracked out of the ground. 

Lets try and spread the message that we have enough of these already and producing more is just producing more waste. Let’s Champion those race organisers that are progressing in the right direction and help those who want to make a change. 

Rant over xx Thank you #werunwithrerun